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Full automatic edge trimming saw

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Fully automatic Woodworking plywood cutting edge trimming sawing machine
Fully automatic Woodworking plywood cutting edge trimming sawing machine
Fully automatic Woodworking plywood cutting edge trimming sawing machine
Fully automatic Woodworking plywood cutting edge trimming sawing machine

Fully automatic Woodworking plywood cutting edge trimming sawing machine

A machine for cutting edge of the plywood, in order to cut the plywood into required size, for example commonly 4*8ft.


Plywood edge trimming saw / full automatic plywood edge cutting machine double sizer machine 2020

Product Application

This product is suitable for plywood board, cutting edge technology is manual cutting to a great leap forward of automatic cutting, compared with ordinary hand saws, the machine has five features: precision, high efficiency, energy saving, provincial industry and environmental protection.

The machine adopts PLC intelligent design, saw blade speed can be adjusted automatically according to cutting condition,no need to stop any saw blades, at the same time realize the automation of stacking and leftover material removal, safe and convenient operation, smooth running, low noise.
Its high quality automatic saw cut, board face is smooth, no dozen edge, coastal zone size standards.
Highlight the native: intelligent cutting, smooth running safe, accurate and efficient.


Full automatic plywood saw cutting machine
Long saw cutting size2440mm(adjustable) 
Width saw cutting size1220mm(adjustable)
Working speed10—30m/min
Total power 42KW
Saw blade dimension Diameter 305mm,Inner diameter 25.4mm
Capacity 8-12pcs/min
Feed Way Full Automatic
Work Methods Full Automatic
Line speed of saw90-120m/s
Total weight 5000kgs
Overall dimension8000*5000*1200mm

Main Features

● The main structure is strong with enough rigidity and high stability.
● It has pre-loader device, the production capacity and efficiency is high: one shift working can produce 4000-5000(18mm).
● This saw has high precision anti-wearing guide rail, high precision cutting.
● All working process is controlled by PLC, cutting and stacking is automatic.
● It has a device to clear the edge waste away automatically.
● This machine only needs 2 workers, it can save the cost of labor.
● This saw very good dust collecting system, it will collect all dust of the machine, and dust exhaust in strong force.

Product Details


Servo motor, strong driving force, low power consumption. From the lowest to the highest speed, speed servo motor can run smoothly and strong ability of overload.


Full automatic stacking system to gurantee the whole trimming jobs process smooth and fast. Saving labors and time. It can stack and tidy the finished board in to bunddles.


Infared ray device can give a clear size cutting guidance, to make it high precision size cutting, also make the workers easy to judge the exactly position for the board feeding.


The saw blade is Germany brand,the overal diameter of big saw blade is 305mm, the inner diamter is 24.5mm.

Product Certificate


Company Information

Sinoeuro Machinery  making is a manufacturer of wood working machinery with well equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.
● Leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery in China, found in 1994. specialize in this field for more than 20 years.
● Almost 20 year export experience, exported dozens of countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. All products are quite popular among clients.
● Specializing in plywood production line. We have our own designers to produce machine according to your requirement.
● Having own after –sale maintenance center, our engineer can go to overseas for installation and commissioning.


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