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How to Choose Suitable Veneer Dryer for Your Plywood Plant?

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As all we know, veneer dryer machine is one important section in plywood making process. After veneer peeling, the core veneer and face veneer need further drying section. But how to choose suitable veneer dryer machine? To learn how to choose, we first need learn each type veneer dryer clearly.

There are many types veneer dryer, here we introduce several main models: roller type veneer dryer, breathing type veneer dryer, square tube veneer dryer and mesh type veneer dryer. The first three types are all core veneer dryer, the last one mesh dryer is face veneer dryer.

1. Mesh type veneer dryer is mainly used for drying face veneer, the most suitable drying veneer thickness is 0.1-1.5mm. For the thick veneer, it can still work, but working performance and productivity is not good. So you can find most face veneer, like birch, beech, Okume, etc will choose mesh veneer dryer.


2. Roller type veneer dryer. This type best working thickness is above 1.5mm, it is mainly used for core veneer drying. The core veneer will go through two rollers space, and the roller will press and drive the veneer moving, it will make the veneer more flat after drying. Roller type veneer dryer is suitable high capacity factory, the drying length and layer quantity are all customized according to customers’ capacity request and workshop size. Of course, this roller dryer price is also higher compare with other models core veneer dryer, so it is good choice for high quality core veneer.


3. Breathing type veneer dryer, also called hot platen type veneer dryer, solid press veneer dryer, etc. It is like hot press machine. Because this type dryer has solid hot platen and pressure when it works, it can press core veneer very flat. For some thick core veneer which thickness more than 4mm, this breathing type core veneer is the best choice. And it is also very suitable for big size core veneer, like 4*4ft or 4*8ft. So this machine is widely used in Russia, Indonesia which peel big size core veneer. The mainly disadvantage of this machine is low capacity. One 15 layers breathing core veneer capacity is only about 1cbm/h, so for one veneer peeling line, you may need 2-3 sets breathing veneer dryer to fulfill the peeling capacity.


4. Square tube veneer dryer. It works like breathing type veneer dryer, but the whole machine frame and hot platen are all different. The hot platen is made by square tube instead of solid steel, so we also call it hollow type veneer dryer, and the machine pressure is very low so it can not press veneer to make it flat. However, the biggest advantage is its economic price. It is very suitable for some small factories or for some low quality core veneer dryer. One veneer peeling line need at least 3 sets square tube veneer dryer. Machine service life is also only 3-5 years. Normally some dry area will choose this model, customer can use sunshine dry veneer into half-dry, then use this dryer for further moisture remove.


Above all, to decide which dryer is suitable for you, you should know the following information well.

1. What is your veneer thickness? If less than 1.5mm, mesh veneer dryer is the best choice. If it is core veneer, you need think about the other three models core veneer dryer.

2. What is your drying capacity? If your capacity is very high, need 2-5cbm/day, and veneer thickness is also above 1.5mm, the roller type maybe more suitable for you. For roller type dryer, the higher capacity, the lower average price.

3. What is your veneer quality level? If your veneer quality is very good, capacity is not so high, you can choose breathing type veneer dryer. Of course, roller dryer is also suitable for you.

4. What is your budget for your investment?

The above factors need to be considered together when you choose the veneer dryer.
If you have any requirements for plywood machinery, you can check the our websites. Welcome for your inquiry.

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