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How to make wood-based panel machinery develop better and faster?

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The development road of China's wood-based panel machinery:

China's wood-based panel machinery industry should be on the basis of absorbing overseas front-end technologies and valuable experience, adhere to independent development, integrate independent innovation with technology introduction, and closely follow the world development trend. Equipment manufacturing technology, and regard the imported technology and equipment as a new starting point for independent innovation of China's wood-based panel machinery to cultivate its own brand and core competitiveness on the basis of national conditions. Measures to be taken for the healthy and rapid development of China's wood-based panel machinery industry:

(1) Complementary advantages and strong combination

We should truly establish two or three large enterprise groups in accordance with the complementary advantages and strong combination of modern enterprise systems, rapidly enhance the innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, improve the market financing ability of enterprises, consolidate the domestic market and seize the international market; We should upgrade the technology of old enterprises to an important position, improve the quality of products and keep profits by improving the technology of old enterprises and strengthening modern technical services; We should accurately position our products, give full play to our own advantages, strengthen our economic and technical strength, combine the introduction of innovation with independent innovation, change and devote ourselves to gradually solving the problems existing in China's wood-based panel machinery industry, and produce high-quality brand products.


(2) Adhere to scientific and technological progress and take the road of sustainable development

It is necessary to strengthen the awareness and ability to keep pace with the world's advanced technology development, so as to make greater progress in automatic control, monitoring services, energy utilization and environmental protection of domestic wood-based panel production lines. Establish a scientific outlook on development, adhere to scientific and technological progress, strengthen the level of automation and numerical control of single machine and production line of wood-based panel machinery, achieve precision production, improve the labor productivity of all employees, improve the grade of wood-based panel machinery products, and strive to narrow the gap with advanced countries; Research, develop and vigorously promote energy-saving equipment and technology, wastewater treatment technology and efficient dust removal devices, fully understand the constraints of wood resources on the production of wood-based panels in China, research and develop wood-based panel machinery that is suitable for the utilization of biomass raw materials (crop straw, etc.), shrubs, "three residues" in forest areas and "secondary firewood" wood resources, improve the utilization rate of resources, and take the path of resource conservation, environment-friendly and sustainable development.

(3) Strengthen the combination of machinery and process technology

To strengthen the research and development of host equipment and key process technologies, the wood-based panel machinery factory should cooperate with domestic universities and scientific research institutes or set up a special wood-based panel process research institution by itself to strengthen the research on wood-based panel process, so as to improve the design and manufacturing of machinery and completely change the current situation of separation between process research and mechanical development, and focus on the development of industrial technologies and equipment for wood-based panel production with Chinese characteristics and independent intellectual property rights, Improve the domestic market share; Small enterprises should create distinctive high-level auxiliary machines and key parts, produce relevant supporting products for large supporting equipment, and use the "Wenzhou Lighter" and "Qingdao Qianchuan" models for reference to disperse the external supporting of complete machine parts; Make full use of the advantages of each professional factory to do a good job of each small part and component, form a multi batch and high-precision production, reduce the mechanical cost and improve the technical level. For example, our country has preliminarily formed artificial board mechanical auxiliary machines (roller table, silo) such as Harbin and Chaoyang, Liaoning; Kunshan's hot pressed plate processing and other small distinctive high-level processing production groups are supporting large-scale production lines. If there are more small enterprises, making great efforts on small products and developing high-quality and high-level products, it will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the development of China's wood-based panel machinery.


(4) Strengthen international supporting facilities and improve the overall level

In addition to improving the quality of their processed parts, Chinese wood-based panel machinery manufacturers should also carry out extensive international support, improve the internal quality and working reliability of domestic machinery, improve the operating rate of production lines and product quality, and effectively occupy small and medium-sized international markets; As China has joined the WTO, the tariff has decreased, which is conducive to the adoption of the international large-scale matching method, the adoption of the international large-scale matching method, and the use of the same level of external components as foreign advanced wood-based panel machinery manufacturing enterprises, such as reducer, electronic control technology, hydraulic, pneumatic components, online testing devices, plus high-level manufacturing and processing of professional parts and components, taking advantage of China's lower labor costs and management costs to participate in the competition at a low price; The key foreign equipment shall be selected to improve the overall technical level of the wood-based panel production line, reduce equipment investment, promote the upgrading of the wood-based panel industry, expand the growth space of the wood-based panel industry, enhance international competitiveness, and realize the high value-added development of the wood-based panel industry. For example, the MDF production line with an annual output of 80000 cubic meters developed by Shanghai Plate Machine Factory, and the MDF production line provided by Shenyang Heavy Industry Group in Russia, is the production line provided on the basis that key equipment such as thermal grinder and sander are matched with foreign equipment, which not only ensures the level of the production line, but also reduces the cost of the production line.

In a word, based on the current situation of China's wood-based panel machinery industry, we should strive to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level, improve our independent innovation ability and international competitiveness, so that China's single wood-based panel machinery and complete production equipment will develop in the direction of large-scale wood-based panel production capacity, automatic production process, numerical control, accurate production quality, safe production and operation, environment-friendly working environment, and serialized mechanical product standards, To make our due contribution to the sound and rapid development of China's wood-based panel machinery industry.


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