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What’s the difference of sanding machine?

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The key process and the last process of plywood production is sanding section. If the sanding machine performance is not good, it will lead to the previous process became useless work. Especially for high-grade furniture panels, the panel surface requires no wave pattern. Many factories’ sanding machine can not get no wave pattern request . Even though they guarantee will not have wave pattern on the board surface,but after using sand machine for half year ,the boards surface will appear wave pattern.

Now there are many sanding machine factories, the quality and price also have big difference. It mainly depends on the details of machine. Accessories are the most basic condition for the long-term use of machine,If one machine price difference can get to 30-40% of the total amount. Have you ever think that what kind of accessories do they use? Some configurations are useless without certain technical level, such as conveying platform. This is a problem that will inevitably arise after a year's use of sanding machine. They all say wear-resistant material. What material is it ? How do you process a wear-resistant steel plate to a surface flatness of 0.05mm? So what’s the difference of sanding machine? Here we compare heavy and light sanding machine.

Heavy duty sanding machine
4-1Tightening rollers use built-in bearings with higher speed, the using life is three time more than ordinary bearing with seat, wood powder prevention, waterproof.
4-2The frame is formed by integral welding, the upper and lower are welded by square pipes, and annealed after welding. The integral frame has no distortion within 3 years,it is the necessary guarantee for sand cutting accuracy.
4-3The conveyor bed is made of steel structure and has reinforcing bars inside, which ensures that the sanding accuracy is affected by deformation during operation. The wear resistance of the conveyor bed is more than five times that of the marble conveyor bed.
4-4The lifting structure is made of tin bronze material, which ensures that the accuracy error of the conveyor bed is not changed when it is lifted more than 10000.

Light weight sanding machine
4-5Use ordinary bearing with seat, no dust proof, need regular maintenance.
4-6The frame is welded with separately channel steel, which has poor stability, light overall frame and no failure treatment.
4-7Granite marble is used for transportation. Its advantages are good waterproofing, but its disadvantages are non-wear-resistant. After a long time, it will wear seriously, and it can not be used for calibration sanding.
4-8The lifting part adopt ordinary cast iron. After the lifting times are more, the error is bigger, and it is easy to prick, which makes the lifting difficult. Over time, the sanding error is very large.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope our explanation will help you know clearly the difference between heavy and light sanding machine.

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