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Plywood production line making machinery
Plywood production line making machinery
Plywood production line making machinery
Plywood production line making machinery

Plywood production line making machinery

Plywood refers to that logs are spined into veneer by peeling machine , and then glued according to the veneer fiber direction which is arranged perpendicularly, and finally pressed into a wood-based panel. Plywood is the ideal product widely used in all kinds of furniture, office supplies, combination speaker, packaging exhibition and other industries. Main sections of plywood production line include peeling section, veneer drying section, gluing section, prepress section, hot press section, saw edge section, sanding section...etc. The thickness range of plywood is generally the 8-18mm, board width is generally 915-1220mm. We can design and manufacture any size according to users’requirements.


full plywood plant 3 d

Plywood Production Technology:

1) Log cutting:
Usually import log length is more than 6 meters. Cutting according to the technology required length and quality. The cutting length should be product length add remains. For example, product is 1220mm*2440mm, cutting length usually be 2600mm or 1300mm. log length, camber and demerit affect plywood output directly. Remains are small wood pieces, truncations, sawdust, tec. Log cutting wastage ratio is 3%-10%.

2)Veneer peeling:
Peeling is the most popular plywood producing process. Back veneer thickness is about 0.6mm, core veneer and centre veneer thickness is about 1.8mm.

3) Drying:
Veneer is moist. it should be dried according to the technology requirement. After drying, it will shrink. Dimension will become smaller. Veneer length, width, thicknesswill shrink. Shrink wastage is related to wood material, moisture containing, veneer thickness. Shrink wastage is 4%-10%.

4) Veneer gluing and handling:
Handling include cutting, putting veneer together and mending. Cut zonal veneer into specification veneer or proper size which can be put together. Narrow zonal veneer can be put together into one veneer. Veneer with demerit can be mended to be qualified. Wastage in this part related to log material, peeled veneer quality, dried quality, and worker operation skill. Wastage ratio is 4%-16%. Import veneer processing plywood wastage ratio is 2%-11%.

5) Cold and Hot press:
Veneer be glued and stacked, then glue together under set temperature and pressure by hot press. As veneer temperature and moisture containing changes, veneer will shrink. Shrink wastage is related to temperature, pressure, hot press time, wood material, moisture containing,wastage ratio is 3%-8%

6) Edge trimming:
Trimming the edge of the plywood flank from hot press to qualified plywood board. Remains related to process remains and product dimension. Production is bigger, wastage is smaller.Wastage ratio is 6%-9%

7) Sanding:
Sanding plywood surface to make it good. Wastage is powder. Veneer quality is good, sanding is less. Wastage ratio is 2%-6%
Other machines
We can also provide other machines, just like veneer jointer machine, knife grinder and so on.
Advantages of our products:

1. Strict controlling management of raw materials, the main frame is welded by standard steel plate.
2. Using domestic international premium accessories and valve blocks of famous brand, greatly reducing the failure rate.
3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, never cut corners to ensure product quality.


Complete plywood produciton line need the following 5 parts
Part 1 : Vneeer peeling line - wood cutting machine +veneer debarker +veneer peeling machine +veneer stacker
Part 2; Veneer drying - veneer drying machine
Part 3 , Veneer handle : veneer composer ,veneer gluing machine , veneer assemble machine
Part 4 , Panel press , cold press + hot press
Part 5 ,Panel handle : sanding machine + dd trimming saw machine
wood debarkerWood log debarking machine is one of the main equipment for producing plywood . The appearance of the hydraulic ringing machine not only improves the working efficiency of the logs, but also only one person to time and high efficiency. more and more debarker instead of manual remove skin.
spindleless peelerCNC venner peeler is important equipment in plywood production line and venner production line. it main to peeling off small diameter wood and peeling plywood core plate, automatic peeling, cutting board, fast, provincial labor 2-3 people, Veneer size can be set to change, fully automated production. For poplar, pine, birch and so on.
spindle peelerSpindle veneer peeling machine suit big wood diameter, when your log more than 800mm ,suggest using this machine,usually no-card peeler main peeling cutting face veneer of plywood(0.2-0.5mm)
veneer dryerVeneer drying line is important machine in plywood processing, when you peeling get fresh veneer, for long stock ,need remove water and moisture,so you need core veneer dryer or drying line. this machine length and width is according to your veneer size and outpu,so if you want, need tell us these information. For drying line, there are Roller type drying line (suit for core veneer), Mesh belt type drying line (suit for face veneer and core veneer,but cost is high), Wire rope drying line (face veneer, low cost),so choose up to your veneer and output .
veneer composerVeneer after drying may have diffierent length and thickness may get irregular.This machine can detect the width,thickness,cavities of the panels,and have them rimmed,glued,spliced, cut to length and stacked automatically.

Plywood paving lineAutomatic CNC plywood paving line machine to achieve automatic plating, sawing, board.
Glue spreader machineApplicable to the production of plywood, joinery board, bamboo plywood or man-made board secondary cover.
Pre-press machinePre-press machine is the auxiliary in plywood production line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of hot press and improvethe quality of plywood before gluing board. Cold press machine belongs to the pressing machine. Cold press machine is mainly usedto press the gluing veneer, so that make the initial shape, and then into the hot press machine to press. It is important toimprove the quality of plywood, and it is an significant part. Cold press machine in general consists with the rack, fixed beam,moving beam, the plate device, cylinder and hydraulic system, electric control device components.Advantage of our pre-press equipment1.Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable and efficient pressing.3.Emergency safety braking.
Hot press machineAfter cold pressing and repairing process, the treated basic plywood will be sent to basic plywood hot press. It will take 5-60 minutes depends on board thickness. After hot pressing, the workers will do the second time defects repairing. The board will be
stored in semi product storage hours for cooling and storage.The working condition of the hot press is directly related to the production quality of the plywood, so it is especially important to choose a high quality machine.
Edge trimming sawThis machine used to cut the raw board to meet the size requierments of the finish board . During the production of veneer,in order to ensure that the size of the plywood meets the specified requirements,there is usually a margin size left .therefore ,the plywood after hot press is slightly larger than the specified size, Through the process of trimming ,the margin left will be removed.
Wood sanding machineIt is mainly used in panel calibrating and fine sanding for various types of boards,such as plywood,flakeboard,medium and high density board,glued laminated timber,blackboard,calcium silicate board,fiber cement board,etc.


● Full automatic cutting line.
● LEAD PLC and touch screen contro; system
● Frequency adjustable cutting length and feeding speed.
● Two way hydralic wood clamping and cutting sytem.


2. Log Debarker Machine

● Heacy duty type.
● Huali Motor and Hardened Redecer.
● Chrome hard treatment roller.
● Wood chipper is potional.



● 30-80m/min/120/150 high speed model
● LEAD PLC control system tith driveer
● Servo motor feeding and tutting.
● Huali motor and hardened reducer
● Free switching of 2 different cutting width



● Easy operation with high efficiency and big yield.
● Adopting adcanced world famous brand electric components.
● Adopts Finland Raute and ltaly design.
● Automatic feeding device is optional.
Hollow tube drier and solid hot platen press dryer can be choose according to your output.



● Siemens PLC and SERVO Motor.
● Adtops Electromagnetic Clutch with Synchronous Axis.



● Taiwan Delta PLC Control System.
● Pneumatic thickness adjusting system.
● Wear -resistant natural rubber(NBR).
● Chrome steel squeeze roller.



● Siemens PLC control with touch screen.
● Steel Mesh Conveyor accurate with long service life.
● No-foundation type,easy installation.
● Saving raw material and labor.


8. COLD PRESS 500T/600T/800T

● Schneider brand electrical parts.
● Original WuXi solid oil cylinder.
● With Automatic chain roller conveyor.
● Taiwan hydraulic system,fast press,lower power,short closing time.



15lyers/20 layers/25 layers
available with automatic loading and unloading sytem.

● 45mm thick Q235/Q345 steel.
● Taiwan hydraulic system,fast press.
● Slience&Dust-free hydraulic power pack.
● 52mm double in and out hot platen.
● Schneider brand electrical parts.



● KND Servo and Siemens PLC control system optional.
● One shift produce 4000-5000(18mm),high capacity and effciency.
● HIgh precision anti-wearing guide rail,high precision cutting,edge is smooth.
● KND Servo Control Sytem without any sensors and priximity switch,low failure rate.
● Any fault will be shown on touch screen,easy maintenance.


Calibration and finishing sanding

● 0.5-1mm big thickness remove with perfect surface finishing.
● Taiwan Sanding roller, wear-resisting,high precise.
● Mitsubishi PLC and Schneider electrical parts.
● NSK bearings and Siemens motors.
● Alloy transport platform with high accurancy and wear-resistance.









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