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Wood Pellet Production Line

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Wood pellet production line
Wood pellet production line
Wood pellet production line
Wood pellet production line
Wood pellet production line
Wood pellet production line

Wood pellet production line

Our wood pellet plants apply for different biomass materials, such as wood, straw, rice husk, sugarcane, peanuts shell, grass and etc. As for the applications, the pellets made by pellet plant can be used as biofuel. Generally, a complete wood pellet plant includes wood chipper, wood crusher (also hammer mill), rotary dryer, wood pellet machine, counter flow cooler, packing machine, electric control system, etc. We can customize every project according to clients' raw material and capacity.


Wood pellet plant work flow


Comprehensive wood crusher

Comprehensive wood crusher

Comprehensive wood crusher is a machine for producing wood chips. It applies for various raw material, such as, wood pallet, building template, wood logs, timber, furniture waste etc.

Hammer mill 1
Hammer mill 2

Hammer mill

Hammer mill is used to crush biomass materials such as straw, stalk, grass into small size(3-5mm). For pelletizing, the size of raw materials should be smaller than the hole size of flat die, or they may block the pellet machine and affect the molding rate.

Hammer mills can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine, the production capacity is from 200kg/h to 2100kg/h.


Conveyor is used to transmit materials from one process to the next. It can ensure the continuous production of wood pellet plant and reduce manual labor.



Raw materials for making wood pellet should have water content between 10% and 18%. Dryer machine can lower the water content to required level, so as to improve the molding rate and pellet quality.

Ring die pelletizer

Ring die pelletizer

Wood pellet machine (also wood pellet mill) is a machine that is used to press sawdust and other crushed biomass material powder into biomass wood pellets.

Pelleting Section: Introduction about Pelleting Section

(1) The pellet machine is the newest type vertical ring die pellet machine with high efficiency. The inner diameter of the ring die is 880 mm. Double layers can be used, so that improve the lifetime of the ring die. Meanwhile, increased the holes of the ring die so that improve the capacity of the pellet machine.

(2) The shell of the gear box of pellet machine is cast, and the internal gear is machined by the large machinery group which provides gears for the world famous brands such as CATERPILLAR (CAT) of construction machinery, with reliable quality.

(3) The minimum output capacity of each set pellet machine is 1.5T/h.

(4) The ancillary equipment includes automatic lubrication system, steam centralized dedusting system, powder dedusting system, centralized water cooling system of reducer, and small cooling tower. In the hot industrial environment in South Pacific, the lubricating oil of reducer can be continuously cooled,so the life of bearing and reducer can be improved, and the failure rate can be reduced.

(5) The discharging belt is designed with a positive and negative device. Every time the grinding material is reversed to a specially designed car, the qualified pellets are lifted to the bucket elevator.

Counterflow cooler

Counterflow cooler

The high temperature in pellet mill will heat up the pellets. Usually they can cool down naturally. But if you want to pack them

right after production, a pellet cooler can improve the efficiency. Cooling can also increase the hardness of wood pellets.

Pellet packing machine

Pellet packing machine

If you produce wood pellets for sale or future use, packing them into bags is necessary. Packaging makes it convenient for storage and transportation, and protects wood pellets from water and air.

The above are components of small wood pellet plant. For specific situations, you don't have to collect all of them. For example, you can leave out the counterflow cooler and pellet packing machine if you produce wood pellet for self use. And the dryer is optional depending on your materials.


Wood pellet production line applies for various biomass material, such as wood, sawdust, wood chips, straw, rice husk, peanut shells, bamboo, grass, alfalfa, sugarcane, coffee husk, etc.


Straw/Crop Pellet Making


Peanut Shell Pellet Making


Corn Cob Pellet Making


Rice Husk Pellet Making


Bamboo Pellet Making


Wood Pellet Making

Market Potential of Global Wood Pellet Production

Biomass Power Generation - Heating & Cooking

In fact, the application of biomass fuel is mainly biomass pellets, which is a new type of clean fuel that uses agricultural and forestry waste as raw materials and is directly burned through crushing, mixing, squeezing, and drying. The technology and equipment are very suitable for biomass power generation, industrial boiler clean energy conversion and new rural cooking fuels.

After biomass is compressed, the volume of biomass pellet fuel is greatly reduced, which is convenient for transportation, storage and use, thus solving the key problem of large-scale utilization of biomass.

Heating & Cooking1

Biomass Fertilizer - Recycle the Burned Ash for Fertilizer Use

The combustion furnace ash of biomass pellets can be used as fertilizer to promote the growth of new plants and enter a new cycle, so that the supplied biological resources can be used continuously. Currently, biomass particles have been widely used. Anyone engaged in this work knows that there are three types of biofuels: solid, liquid and gas. At the same time, the gas phase of biomass fuel can be divided into two types. Generally speaking, both gaseous biomass fuels are based on biomass. The difference is that the first is that biomass cannot be completely burned and pyrolyzed under high temperature and oxygen-deficient conditions.

What is the main driving force for the development of the wood pellet industry?

Setting up a wood pellet plant has always been a hot investment project. And the main driving force for the development of wood pellet production is the world's growing demand for energy, and the benefits of wood pellets.

* Good for health.The use of high-quality wood pellet compressed fuel can effectively reduce the incidence of cancer, lung diseases and neonatal defects.

* As a fuel instead of petroleum.In many cases, many aspects of the use and extraction of oil have an impact on our lives and the earth, so the use of high-quality boiler pellets is bound to be restricted by demand. Therefore, in real life, it is necessary to use high-quality boiler pellets. Today, our prices are rising, so petroleum products will also rise. The emergence of high-quality boiler particles can help us solve this problem, because the price of oil is more expensive than other materials.

* Has a bright future.The development and utilization of biomass pellet fuel and the development of the bioenergy industry have broad prospects. Biomass pellets are compressed pellet fuels made from agricultural wastes such as straws, rice husks and wood processing residues such as wood chips under specific conditions. The content of ash, sulfur and nitrogen in biomass particles is low. It is a clean, effective, environmentally friendly and energy-saving renewable fuel that can indirectly replace coal, petroleum, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources. The residual ash after the complete wood pellet production is basically carbon-free, so the heat loss of incomplete solid combustion is basically zero, while the heat loss of incomplete combustion of coal is about 7-15%.

Project Layout

Equipment Layout

Equipment Layout

Customers Case

We Sinoeuro haddesigned hundreds of wood pellet line with different capacity arranging from 300kg/h to 30 ton per hour.

(1) Indonesia 20T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(2) Vietnam 10 T/H Wood Pellet Production Line (Raw material is wood chips)


(3) Tunisia 8-10T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(4) Albania 6-8T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(5) 30T/H Wood Pellet Production Line - The Biggest Wood Pellet Production Line in Asia


(6) 10T/H Straw Pellet Production Line


(7) Bulgaria 5-6T/H Straw Pellet Production Line


(8) Bulgaria 9-10T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(9) Malaysia/Thailand 5-6T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(10) Malaysia 5-6T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(11) Taiwan 8-10T/H Wood Pellet Production Line


(12 ) Other Cases of Wood Pellet Line


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